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    The Best Movers in Abu Dhabi

    Relocating from one area to another is a difficult task. It requires much time to get things settled. For this challenging situation, there is a need for some qualified expertise to make the process run smoothly. There are many options available for hiring professional movers and packers in Abu Dhabi. Still, the search for the best always keeps going on.

    Your Abu Dhabi Movers and Packers of Choice

    Indigo Movers is one of the most recognised moving companies in Abu Dhabi. We recruit experts to bring you the ultimate and non-stressful moving experience. An excellent choice as a team of drivers, packers, and supervisors. Distinctive services to make your process hassle-free. It includes furniture moving services, dismantling, packing, shifting, and reassembling of items.

    Why Shall You Go For Professional Movers in Abu Dhabi?

    Professional movers keep your mind at ease. They understand the best ways to navigate around the city and handle your belongings. By finding a good mover, you can expedite the process and ensure an efficient moving experience. Your safety comes first. Packing and wrapping items along with loading and unloading bulky items can be risky and tiring. So, if you’re looking for a professional moving company today, Indigo Movers is at your doorstep. We do it all and give you time to luxuriate in the pleasures of your new home.

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    Moving Services We Offer in Abu Dhabi

    Indigo Movers is aware of businesses of varying sizes. Clients having different budgets require professional movers in Abu Dhabi. Our budget-friendly pricing offers various cost-effective packages for clients to choose from. These also apply to clients looking for house shifting services in Abu Dhabi.

    Commercial Relocation

    We understand that commercial organizations and enterprises have distinct priorities over residential clients. We emphasize time and efficiency in our relocation services. Our experienced logistics experts meticulously prepare every step in the shifting process. They assure safe and timely delivery.

    Office Moving

    Relocating a business requires strategic decisions. Careful planning is needed since it’s trickier than house shifting. An office move means personnel needs to be well-briefed with the entire process. It requires time and supervision. Only qualified individuals in a local moving company can get these tasks right. Professional drivers can ensure the safeguard of all valuables. Sensitive office supplies & equipment such as PCs while critical client files are packed and handled with care.

    Boasting a reputation as the best office movers in Abu Dhabi, we assure the safety of all your furniture. We take full precautions to prevent common possible risks like damage, delay, collision, and loss. 

    Residential Moving Services

    Known as one of the reputed moving companies in Abu Dhabi, we have executed many residential moves. We have a strong and satisfied customer base.

    Villa and Apartment Moving

    Searching for the best villa movers in Abu Dhabi? Indigo Movers is your answer. Born in Abu Dhabi with years of experience in the relocation industry, we are the top-rated professional movers and packers in Abu Dhabi. We at Indigo Movers offer complete moving services from packing to unpacking as well as assemble furniture if needed. When moving, we also provide climate-controlled storage for appliances that require it. Along with timely transportation of delicate furniture and décor, our workers will transform your unfurnished spaces into smartly finished ones.

    Other Relocation Services

    Handyman services

    Worried about assembling your furniture when you’re so exhausted? Our highly trained handymen help clients install appliances, assemble shelves, fix curtain rods & blinds, LED TV & light fixtures, and hang mirrors and pictures.

    Packing Services

    We have comprehensive solutions for all your hurdles when shifting. When it comes to packing, our skilled workers use high-quality packing materials. Cardboard boxes, carton rolls, bubble wrap, and packaging tapes are used for various kinds of goods. Items may include electronics, glassware, wooden furniture, and others of all shapes and sizes. We are the best home movers and packers in Abu Dhabi offering guaranteed services.

    Furniture Dismantling and Reassembling

    Large furniture items such as bedroom furniture, cabinets, and wardrobes are too huge. They are hard to pass through standard doors. Therefore, it needs attention when dismantling. As the best moving services in Abu Dhabi, our trained crew reassembles all the furniture for it to be properly stationed at your new house.


    Since it is a requirement by the law, every company must be licensed to operate and accept clients. Every consumer should ensure that the firm they are dealing with is legitimate. This is true when hiring movers and packers in Abu Dhabi to ensure the safety of their belongings.

    This usually depends on the size of the apartment or villa. Our team typically accomplishes tasks of relocation in 8 to 9 hours for moving within Abu Dhabi.

    Different ton trucks are used for different sizes and quantities of furniture. A 1-ton Van is sufficient for few items. A 2.5-ton truck is ideal for heavy furniture and large quantities. All trucks are covered for the extra safety of the client’s belongings.

    We provide the best moving services in Abu Dhabi. Regardless of the distance, we assure that all clients will be served equally and on time. For that, we plan schedules ahead of time.

    Yes, customers can pack their items. You can hire a moving company in Abu Dhabi if you want to transport help to shift your items to the new home or office.