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    Self Storage Services Dubai

    Self storage in Dubai

    We at The Self Storage Dubai value our clients and make ongoing investments in their fulfillment. Our team provides the greatest possible customer service and experience thanks to this supportive work environment. Here, we strengthen our commitment to consistently giving our customers and the community the best services possible.

    The goal of Self Storage Dubai is to offer the best possible service for Home Storage, Furniture Storage in Dubai, and Business Storage at a fair price, making it the best option for all of your storage needs.

    It was founded in 2010 with the goal of offering top-notch Self Storage in Dubai at affordable costs and Relocation services with a distinct and ongoing focus on client satisfaction and a sincere commitment to excellence. Our store is very simple to locate on a map and is about 1.2 km from Sheikh Zayed Road.

    You may keep as many items as you need with the amazing service provided by self-storage in Dubai. regardless of how big or small the sum is. We’ll make sure you provide your goods the security it needs to stay secure. Self-storage in Dubai makes moving very simple.

    Wish to relocate your house? Want to make some room? Dubai Self Storage is only a short distance away. Please get in touch with us, and we’ll give you the best rates in Dubai for storing your home and business belongings. The Leading Self Storage Service in the UAE has ten years of experience.

    Most Cheapest and Reliable Dubai Storage Unit

    Dubai self storage

    Do you need a self-storage facility because your home is too small to accommodate all of your additional belongings? We are the best storage service in Dubai, whether you are moving homes or simply need more space for your possessions while you are away.

    International requirements for storage units and shipping services, including delivery in Dubai, are met by Self Storage Dubai. There are savings available for long-term storage plans, as well as monitored individual door alarms on the storage units.

    Self Storage Dubai offers a variety of inexpensive & Cheap Storage solutions in Dubai in an effort to save you from needless tension. Our inexpensive storage solutions are trustworthy & entirely secure.


    We are conveniently situated in the center of Dubai, surrounded by the opulent world-class neighborhoods of Downtown Dubai. We are only a short drive from the Noor Metro Station on Sheikh Zayed Road. Our store is very simple to locate on a map and is about 1.2 km from Sheikh Zayed Road.

    You can phone us any time, day or night. If you prefer, you can also send us an email, a WhatsApp message, or a text message, and you will quickly receive a response.

    We travel to you and handle all of the loading, unloading, and storage at one of our air-conditioned warehouses.

    Materials and PODs are specifically designed for ultra-secure packaging and storage.

    At your site, your PODs are loaded and locked.

    Inventory lists help keep track of all your possessions for storage convenience.

    Drive up access in air conditioning to your POD door.

    We handle all of your storage logistics and handle the hard lifting from collection through redelivery.

    Storage space for rent in Dubai

    self storage in dubai

    Your belongings will be safeguarded when you move out thanks to reputable self-storage services in Dubai. There are two different types of storage facilities available in Dubai: shared and self-storage. You can choose from any of the possibilities based on your needs and financial limitations. We are Dubai’s top storage service thanks to our convenient access, round-the-clock supervision, climate-controlled facilities, and low rent.

    Indigo Movers is the first rental self-storage firm in Dubai. With Home Storage, select the most reliable storage in Dubai. Choose from our selection of reasonably priced, all-size storage units.

    Business Storage Dubai 

    Retailers, producers, sales representatives, and small business owners can benefit greatly from using our Business Storage Dubai units. Indigo Movers has you covered whether you require a tiny storage unit for office supplies, a large unit for machinery and retail inventory, or anything in between. You can locate what you need by looking at our sizing chart.

    Self Storage Service offers safe, adaptable, and practical commercial storage options. You can store your papers, archives, merchandise, or equipment with us for short- or long-term periods (long-term storage has a particular discount), and you can access it whenever you want (during regular business hours or by arrangement outside regular hours). We can even accept deliveries.

    Traditional commercial storage in Dubai can be more expensive and less safe. Self Storage Dubai provides this alternative, and our corporate storage facilities are significantly more secure than typical lockups to rent. The only person who has access to your unit during business hours is you.


    Furniture Storage Dubai

    Self Storage Furniture for  Long-term storage is possible safely.

    Even so, it’s a good idea to go the extra mile and set up any furnishings to prevent damage.

    Take this professional advice:

    Set up furniture on wooden pallets or cardboard to build a barrier between it and the floor. Wrap fragile parts and the feet in bubble wrap to prevent scratches. Disassemble furniture with removable shelves or drawers. Ensure that all furniture pieces are clean and completely dry. Consider deep cleaning expensive furniture. Vacuum expensive furniture. Cover furniture with dust covers or blankets, but avoid plastic.

    Storeroom for rent in Dubai

    Dubai storage units

    The best and leading storage provider in Dubai is Self-Storage. The needs of the customer are met by Self-Storage’s extensive inventory of storage units. In Dubai, we have affordable rental housing. Ready to walk around in good shape? We rent out storage space. There are about 30 storage facilities in the UAE. Simple 365 days a year, 24-hour access. 24/7 Access, Climate Controlled Facility, and Security. Cost-effective Payment Options, Accessible Locations, Secure, and Reliable.

    Secure and Effective Self-Storage Services in Dubai

    self-storage self-service To ensure that your belongings are safeguarded when you move away, take advantage of reputable moving and self-storage services in Dubai. Here you may view all of our online storage options. Providing the Best Self-Storage Options for Storage Businesses Dubai With over 20 years of experience in providing the finest grade of storage, Self Storage Dubai is the original self-storage business in the United Arab Emirates.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about self-storage units provided by Indigo Movers:

    What is a self-storage unit?

    A self-storage unit is a rented space within a facility where individuals or businesses can store their belongings. It provides a secure and convenient solution for storing items that may not fit in their homes or offices.

    How does a self-storage unit work?

    Renting a self-storage unit involves selecting a unit size based on your needs, signing a rental agreement, and paying the rent. Once you have access to the unit, you can store your belongings inside it, and you retain the key or access code to the unit.

    What sizes of self-storage units are available?

    Indigo Movers offers a range of unit sizes to accommodate different storage needs. Common sizes include small lockers, closet-sized units, garage-sized units, and even larger spaces for commercial purposes. The exact sizes available may vary depending on the specific facility.

    How long can I rent a self-storage unit?

    The rental duration for a self-storage unit can vary. Indigo Movers typically offer flexible rental options, including month-to-month leases. This allows you to rent a unit for as long as you need it, with the ability to extend or terminate the rental agreement as required.

    Is my stored property safe and secure?

    Yes, Indigo Movers takes security seriously. Their self-storage facilities are equipped with security measures such as surveillance cameras, gated access, and secure locks. However, it’s always recommended to obtain insurance coverage for your stored belongings to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

    Can I access my storage unit anytime?

    Most self-storage facilities provided by Indigo Movers offer 24/7 access to your unit. This allows you to retrieve or store items according to your convenience, regardless of the time of day.

    Are there any restrictions on what I can store in a self-storage unit?

    While self-storage units are versatile, there may be restrictions on storing certain items, such as hazardous materials, flammable substances, perishable items, or illegal goods. It’s important to check with Indigo Movers regarding any specific restrictions before renting a unit.

    How do I calculate the size of the storage unit I need?

    Indigo Movers can assist you in determining the appropriate unit size based on your requirements. You can provide them with an estimate of the items you plan to store, and their experienced staff will help you choose the most suitable unit.

    What happens if I need a different-sized unit after renting one?

    A: If you find that your storage needs change, you can contact Indigo Movers to inquire about transferring to a different-sized unit within their facilities. They will guide you through the process and assist in making the necessary arrangements.

    How do I pay for my self-storage unit?

    Indigo Movers offers various payment options, including online payment portals, automatic bank transfers, credit card payments, or in-person payments at their office. The exact payment methods accepted may vary, so it’s advisable to check with them for specific details.

    Remember, these FAQs are based on a general understanding of self-storage units provided by Indigo Movers. For precise information and to address any specific concerns, it’s best to contact Indigo Movers directly and inquire about their services and policies.