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    11 Packing and Moving Tips To Make Your Move Smoother And Less Stressful


    Packing requires time and effort that makes it a stressful job. Fortunately, with the help of these moving and packing tips relocation process becomes easier and less stressful.

    Unluckily, the moving experience never goes the same for everyone. However, there are some ways through which we can make moving and packing faster, easier, and reduce the amount of work. All these results in a smoother process and lowering the amount of work for the move. Improve your relocation with our best moving and packing guides.

    11 Best Packing Tips for Moving

    1. Decluttering lessens your packing

    Declutter process not only lowers the number of items for moving but also saves time. Further, it helps to reduce stress and workload for packing. Please get rid of things whose condition is not good and carrying them only increases the cost of moving. It also not good to move an item of furniture that will not fit into your new home. So, it would better to sell them earlier before House Moving.

    2. Buy and use the right size moving boxes

    You can buy boxes from local grocery stores or get them for free from some other sources. Some Movers companies in Dubai also provide the packing material.  These boxes are inexpensive but pay the value in the form of protecting the items. Whenever you start packing, use small boxes for packing heavy items or books. Use bigger boxes for packing light items or stuff like pillows and linens. Avoid packing heavy items in bigger boxes as the chance of breaking increases.

    3. Pack for an hour on daily bases

    Rather than packing everything in one day, divide packing into steps. Start packing one week before the move and one hour a day. It will help you to stay away from overwhelming stress.

    4. Put lighter boxes above on the heavier boxes

    Moving companies are professional, and they know how to transport things safely. But if you are relocating yourself, then make sure to put heavier boxes first and then lighter boxes for balancing.

    5. Fill up empty spaces in the boxes

    While packing, use towels, cloths, and packing paper to fill in the gaps. It ensures the safety of fragile and other sensitive items. Movers use bubble wraps and packing peanuts to pack boxes.

    6. Don’t pack two rooms items into one box

    Use different boxes for packing two or more rooms items. It will ease and quicker the unpacking process into your new home.

    7. Use label and write down names of items which are packed in it

    While packing room by room items, don’t forget to label them with their belonging room. So that movers will already know where to put these boxes into your new location. Keep an inventory in a small notebook and write down the number of boxes. It’s a good practice to know how many boxes have been unpacked and how many remain unpacked. In addition, to stay organized, use multi-color labels and taps to differentiate each room item.

    8. Tape your moving boxes well

    Use tap (at least two layers) on top and bottom of the box. To make sure things never come outside of the box. Use wraps from top to bottom and all way around.

    9. Avoid overpacking of any box

    A common moving mistake people make that they try to pack belongings into a few boxes. This mistake can cause of breakage of items due to overweighting and putting more than box capacity. Cardboard boxes are cheap and can be found for free from some resources. So instead of using some boxes for plenty of stuff, use as many as your belongings can be easily packed.

    10. Packing kitchen items for moving

    Kitchen has different types of items, and Inappropriate packing of them can be problematic. To properly pack dishes for moving, use packing paper for each item, make a bundle of 6 plates, and wrap them with a plastic paper. Never put dishes into the flat side instead of their sidewise. Cups and bowls take less space than dishes and can be packed inside one another. 

    For fragile and glasses, use pieces of cardboard boxes and use them as a divider. To ensure more protection, use multiple layers of bubble paper.

    11. Packing up TV for moving

    You can break TV if you treat them like other furniture and lay them flat. If you don’t have the original box, use special wooden crates made for TVs packing and moving. It’s good to hire professional movers to handle all the packing process. In case of moving by own your own, make sure to double the TV boxes one into another and fill up the padding with papers.

    Moving hack makes things so much easier. Follow the above tips, and you will find surprisingly that your assumptions about the hassles of moving were just wrong. Moving is fun when it goes in the right direction.

    If you have no experience or don’t have time to pack your belongings then hire a professional movers and packers services in Dubai like Indigo Movers. We can pack and move at reasonable price.

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